About me


When I discovered the freedom an actor has in their part and how real the stories and emotions become, I fell in love with the art and craft of acting.

After studying different techniques, I decided Meisner's style of training would be the perfect base to build my craft upon and I began by taking an intensive with Joshua Bitton at Carolyne Barry Acting Academy. I'm currently in the second year of a two-year Meisner program and I'm having the best time of my academic career.


When I take a break from doing what I love, I spend my time doing other things I love, such as:  relaxing at the beach, hiking to a waterfall or an ocean view, camping, reading fantasy adventure books, watching my favorite movies, and trying/learning new things. 

I summited Half Dome, Mt. Baldy, and several other peaks before realizing my kind of hike is under the canopy, in the shade, and near some water. 

I learned how to snowboard at Big Bear and fell in love with it! I’m also a beginner on a skateboard and a surfboard. 

My second year of Meisner training will be ending soon and besides additional acting training, I'm excited to add both: singing and fencing to my future course of study.